Not all kids are fun and games

By Francisco L.

A lot of adults think of fun and games when it comes to kids. Some kids are serious about their education. There are also people who have fun on the outside, but still take their education seriously. I am that type of person. The point is that adults happen to pay attention the kids who don’t care a lot more than the kids who do care. This is a problem. People sometimes see kids who don’t care [about their education] and assume all kids don’t care. This is stereotyping, except with kids. Also, sometime is not only the kids; sometimes the parents don’t help their kids get good grades. I am not saying to be very strict, just don’t do nothing when it comes to your kid’s education. Adults have to stop thinking kids don’t care [about their education]. Some kids, like myself, might get offended with comments like that. Others might not care, and with a comment like that, they might realize that they are making some bad life choices. Also, adults say that if you don’t have nice things to say, then don’t say anything at all, but clearly with a comment like that and adult will be considered a pretender because they don’t apply it themselves. This has to stop!