Gratitude heart imageI recently had an opportunity to be part of something amazing: community, love, energy. The Proyecto Mariposas has taken another step and completed a milestone: Be Brave | Be Strong Summer Day Camp. The success of this day can only be attributed to the help of a community that pulled together to ensure the 38 girls had a day of learning, fun and support by adults. A vision is only a dream, if it stays in our head, if we don’t reach out to others to get help on making the vision a reality. Only four years ago this was a dream. Patience, hard work, risk taking and lots, lots of love and faith has kept me standing and moving forward. This is not an individual effort. I have been surrounded by people that have believed in me and trusted me to grow this group to this point and forward.


Dominican Sisters of Peace – they have embraced me and trusted me. They have been great role models of peace, education, strength and patience.

DSW, inc – I get to work for a company that cares about the community. DSW has given me the time, the support and resources to be able to carry this vision to reality.

Mi Tradicion – thank you for sponsoring a fund raising event, welcoming my friends and helping us achieve a goal. Your friendship is new and I hope very lasting.

Proyecto Mariposas Board:

I have been blessed with a group of women that are smart, caring, educated and that have adopted the Mariposas with all their hearts.

Christine Varney – Thank you for coming to my life! Your spirit for life has been essential to this operation. Your talent is what has pushed us forward to be noticed in the right way. Thank you for helping us reach a branding standard that is creative and beautiful.

Jenny Acosta – Smarts, kindness with a broad perspective of our community…. You are amazing! Your ongoing search for learning and education is very contagious I love listening to you and running ideas by you because I know I will get a new perspective and something I have not thought about before.

Carol Padilla – My original Mariposa! It has been a wonderful journey watching you grow and become the woman you are today with dreams, a hopeful heart and a bright future to do whatever you want to become a successful, creative and independent individual…. Love you!!

My Family

“Where life begins and love never ends”

Mom and Dad – Cannot express how thankful I am to both of them for giving me life, for lifting me up, for believing in me (even crazy ideas) and for accepting me unconditionally.

Ernie & Yolanda – It is your fault that I am here… Thank you so much for taking the risk to bring me and push me to be a better person. Ernie, you are a great example of selfless service. Yolanda, big sister, supported and friend.

Carilu – Too far away from me. I wish I could have you close to share this, but I know that you are with me and my heart.

Louis – My partner, my love… You turned my life around and I will always be grateful to you for loving me. Thank you for understanding, for being flexible and all around an amazing human being. I have been so focused on the empowerment of girls that I was forgetting about boys. Thank you for keeping me grounded as a father of two wonderful young men.


Many volunteers made this day happen. They are a blessing in my life and the lives of the girls. Each person brought so much love to our projects.

Jonica Armnstrong

Gail Durany

Leonida Riggs

Melanie Greesson

Marrie – Helen Gauthier

Vanessa Collins

Megan Gray

Pamela Conn

Lissette Conn

Amanda Finkle

Maylin Sambois

Kelli Fritz

Adriana Hernandez

Adriana de la Peña

Patricia Ruiz

Mario Martin

Mr. Saffold

Mrs. Burney

Nora Hesse

Our Supporters

A number of individuals gave us their time and resources to ensure the girls had a beautiful day. I will always be thankful.

Manuel Andrade

Tonya Tiggett

Felix Ayala

Pedro Javier Feliciano

Deidre Wells Molchan

Catherine Brayfield

Nikki Winter

Niels Hansen

Ricki Retino

Tygre Morehead

Johanna and Carlos Andrino

Katherine Clayton

Heather Mahr

Christina Vera

Guadalupe Velazquez

Lisette Mendoza

Sandra Brogdon

Keely Jundt

Lesley Blain

I cannot finish this letter without thanking the mothers who trusted me with their girls and who have supported me all along in this journey. My goal and vision was to make an impact on the girls and their future. They have made a bigger impact on my and my present. Thanks!!

With all my heart!