Thank you to organizations and individuals in our community that make it possible for our mission to continue bringing programs and resources to our girls and mothers. Your contributions of time, money, and materials are essential to our success. Thank you!

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Fantastic people from our community that have contributed time, money, and materials for our growth.

Tara Alexander
Darsy Amaya
Maritza Anthony
Ashley Apollonio
Alice Black
Lesley Blain
Jaime Berry
Magaly Borrero
Sandra Brogdon
Asha Burney
Mariana Campos
Lisset Conn
Pamela Conn
Karen Cooper
Adriana de la Peña

Rene Delane
DESA Drywall LLC
Robertha Fersan
Jomary Franqui
Susan Fravel
Meagan Kilkelly
Katy Leon
Sandra Lopez
Lair Marin
Lisset Mendoza
Lorena Mora
Yuri Muller
Dr. Anahi Ortiz
Carol Padilla
Anamaria Perales- Lang
Carilu Perez
Gene Poore

Radonna Reed
Monin Rivera
Blanca Romero
Mary Romero
Yvonne Rosado
Louis Rose
Patricia Ruiz
Maylin Sambois
Maria Sanchez
Natalia Sanchez
Kimberly Santiago

Devon Scheef
Inna Simakovski
Angie Tapia
Christine Varney
Lily Vasquez
Guadalupe Velasquez
Magaly Vazquez
Christina Vera
Donna Vroom

All of the mothers who have dedicated time to their daughters and Proyecto Mariposas