Meet our fabulous committee!

Meet our fabulous committee! Moms: Nohemi, Juana, Annette, Bibi | Girls: Alessa, Flor, Angely, Maya, Lily, Kimberly

In collaboration we find community. I am very happy to introduce our first committee of mothers and girls of the Proyecto Mariposas.

This pilot group is made of participants representing the mothers and girls of our group. We recognize that our mothers and girls have a great potential and this way we will stay connected to the situations that are affecting our community.

This group will serve for one year (July – June) and will help us:

  • Identify the issues most needed by mothers and girls in our community
  • Event planning
  • Maintenance of our website
  • Decisions for future programs
  • Communication with our programs

Our goal is to continue the conversations in order to support girls, mothers and the family with tools, resources and information. Girls will be part of each monthly meeting and decisions. We look forward to learning from them and working together over the next year as we become braver and stronger together.