Today we worked with duct tape! Rebeca and Regina led the class on teaching us different crafts made out of colorful duct tape. They brought a book that had bows, bags, book marks, wallets and much more. All girls had a great time. Want to learn to make a bi-fold wallet? Check out the instructions and pictures!!


Bi-fold Wallet

  1. Make three double sided layered fabrics, one of the 9 in. wide by 6 1/2 in high, the other two 4 1/4 in wide by 3 in. high
  2. Place the two smaller pieces directly beneath the bottom edge of the large one, with a 1/2 in. horizontal gap between them. Attach the three pieces.
  3. Make two double-sided layered fabric pieces measuring 4 1/4 in wide by 2 1/2 in high. Place these two pieces now attached to the large fabric, aligning their bottom edges. Use duct tape to seal both pocket’s inside seams.
  4. Fold the pockets back and under the main fabric piece. Mark 3 1/2 in down the large fabric’s side and fold it upward at this mark.
  5. Cut a 10 in strip of duct tape and halve it lengthwise. Cut one half into two 5-in strips and use to seal the wallet’s sides.
  6. Use another 10 in strip to seal the bottom seam. Use a craft knife to cut open any mistakenly sealed pockets.