Today in Mariposas we had a visitor, Ricki. Ricki is a makeup artist. She taught us many things to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. She suggested to stay hydrated and drink lots of water to have moisturized skin. Ricki showed us many product for our skin. One of them was lavender which is for sensitive skin. Another one is tea tree which is for pimples, but don’t overdue it! For dark spots, Ricki said to exfoliate once a week. She recommended not to pick at pimples because they can leave scars.

Ricki also taught us many tips on makeup. Ricki suggested testing makeup on neck instead of hands because the neck skin color matches your face not your hands. The less makeup the better. “You want people to look at you, not your makeup” Ricki suggested that when you use blush go in between eyebrows and lip and go backwards. Don’t overdue!

Ricki said to be natural. Use neutral colors and peach colors. For eyebrows she said to use clear mascara to brush eyebrows and brush up. For eyeliner she says to use a thin brush with black eyeshadows. Put eyeliner on top of eyelid not bottom because it can smear.

The basic materials you need are blush, mascara, and lip gloss or lipstick (whichever you prefer).

One other tip is that if you are in a rush to use lipstick; use a lipliner and color it in. Add some chap-stick. It looks just like lipstick.

Until next time we post, we’ll be here. Stay a Mariposas. Live like a Mariposa