Today we will be talking and asking girls about Pollution and Keeping the Earth Clean. When asked what they do to work against pollution, if it’s a problem, and its effects, they said :

  1. Lisi said she recycles to keep the Earth clean. She agreed it is a problem because it hurts animals and the air quality.

“If it keeps happening there won’t be as many people and the air quality will be worse.”

2. Giselle said she recycles, picks up behind people who litter. She also agreed it is a problem and if we don’t fix it we won’t be healthy or have a good life.

“Americans cut down trees, use A LOT of water, and ruin animal’s habitats. We should use more bikes and horses and not give more pollution.”

3. Jess* said she recycles. She believed the Earth will eventually erode from all the chemicals and there won’t be any animals but there may be some people.

“I feel like [the Earth] keeps us more healthy and avoids any unnecessary toxins.”

4. Rocio said she recycles, hardly uses plastic silverware and reuses plastic bags. She said it is a problem because if we don’t stop the toxins will make people sick.

“If this continues, it will be a dirty disaster.”

5. Pineapple* recycles. She commented that if it all gets polluted, animals will die and there will be no clean water.

“We can all recycle and use less water and plastic.”


As you can see, pollution is a MAJOR problem and we should all help clean up the Earth. Please remember to recycle and pick up after yourself before these girls’ predictions come true!

Thank you for reading Voices!


*Some names were modified for privacy.