♥Mariposa camp is a camp for girls ages 10 to 16. A lot of girls come to the camp this year we had 30 girls there!I asolutely love Mariposa camp!We do so many activity based on girl empowerment.This year joining me are my two favorite cousins Natalie  and Bella!We watched Ted Talks, games such as Ninja and Woosh, and even get talk from other Women who empower us!I love the sense of humor between all of us!Are lunches are so awesome today we had tacos and yesterday we had pizza I mean it cant get any better!We get snacks as well!I cant wait to see whats next!You have to come to Mariposa camp next year meet Yahaira, so if you have a girl between the ages 10 and 16 next year i definite recomend you coming to Mariposa camp!Bye!♥