Our first topic was Social Media and Society and how it affects girls. We asked girls the following questions:

  1. Do you use social media? If so, what kind?
  2. How often do you use social media?
  3. What kind of people and items do you see on social media?
  4. Do you think that spending all of time on social media can change how you think?
  5. What do you think is the main problem with social media?
  6. How are women and girls portrayed on social media?
  7. Do you think that at times the way women and girls are seen on social media can affect how they are seen in society?
  8. Do you have advice for how girls should use social media?

The majority had very similar responses. All of the girls used social media and were particular about using SnapChat and Instagram. The amount of times they used social media a day varied from a couple times a week to an hour and a half a day. The girls said they often saw models promoting weight-loss products and clothes, others saw girls posting sad quotes and their emotions, and some said they saw girls posting pictures of themselves in their best angles and features.

Every girl argued that spending too much time on social media can change how you think.

“Your self confidence towards your body is affected.”
– Hailey

“People expect the picture to be nice, beautiful and perfect, and that changes what you post.”
– Rebeca

“If you’re exposed to social media, it makes you question others, yourself and everything about you.”
– Lisset

Every girl had a different answer or what the biggest problem about social media is:

“It only gives the models’ perspectives and gives a vibe of high expectations.”
– Hailey

“It gives false expectations. The picture had to be 100%, otherwise people will comment and call it ugly and that makes you sad.”
– Rebeca

“People spend too much time on it.”
– Paige

“People portray themselves s someone else they are not and just post to make others happy.”
– Maya

“It’s not real.”
– Lisset

“People think it’s a place to judge people and there’s cyberbulling.”
– Giselle

– Celeste

The girls said that women and girls are seen as pretty, popular and fit. Usually as models and “perfect”.

All girls agreed that social media can change how you think because if you see it a lot you will begin to think that that is how it is in real life.

“Statistics show that spending all that time on social media lowers girls’ self esteem.”
– Lisset

“Social media gives fake expectations.”

“Once you are seen a way people think that’s how you always are.”

When using social media remember to not post to please others, post what makes you happy; be aware for what’s real; don’t follow people you don’t know; and think before you post.

Thank you for reading Voices!