Thank you to all the volunteers that have provided advise, stories, love and support!

Christine Varney
Carol Padilla
Kimberly Santiago
Sandra Brogdon
Sandra Lopez
Anamaria Perales – Lang
Monin Rivera
Lily Vasquez
Karen Cooper
Ashley Apollonio
Lisset Conn
Nicolette Leon
Libby Watson
Pamela Conn
Guadalupe Velazquez
Elena Foulis
Dr. Anahi Ortiz
Edith Zambrana
Gabriela Loayza
Linh Ta
Nancy Pyon
Candelaria Mota
Jackie Orozco
Anne Willis
Marybeth Auletto
Amanda Burkholder
Magaly Vasquez
Darsy Amaya
Yuri Muller

We are one week away of our program Valiente | Fuerte!

Over the last few months, we have been working on gathering interviews, content, design and activities. Now, as we enjoy the last week before we start full force with a program that is focused on developing, sharing, building our courage and strength together, I am taking a moment to reflect on the stories I heard, the friendships I gained and the passion that exists in our city. Women, who said yes, to being part of this journey. I am honored to be able to learn from them and share their knowledge with Proyecto Mariposas. This is only one sample of the women that will impact the girls participating on this program. I am excited to see all of them next week and I am ready to be #braverstronger #together.


We are ready to take this journey! Join in and take it with us!