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Balance Wheel Activity

Our goal is to have a balance that is mental/emotional/spiritual and physical.


To be able to understand where you want to go, take some time to reflect on the present. This past Saturday at the Mariposas we had some time to do just that: reflect and talk! We can always improve. All of our activities at the Proyecto Mariposas are connected to these areas.

My Body – we must protected by staying active and eating well

My Mind – what are we learning through lecture, at school, conversations

My Heart – our feelings, our family

My Spirit – what is my role in the community, how do I keep internal peace, church

We all shared where we feel our strengths are and what we want to do to get better at them!

We invite you to complete this activity. You will need to download two worksheets to guide you through this activity.

Click the links below to download.

Balance Wheel
My Steps


  1. Find a comfortable place and sit
  2. Review the list
  3. Rate each area
  4. Write activities that will make you awesome
  5. Enjoy!!

This year make sure to take time for you and be grateful for everything that we are given every day!



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Canvases of Thanks

Today at the Proyecto Mariposas we painted on canvas. These canvas are for this who helped us throughout the year with our activities.