Photo Gallery: Brave, Strong and Real Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017 – Day 5

Last day of camp! We had an easy and relaxing last day of camp. Sandra Lopez from The Sandy Hook...

Summer Camp 2017 – Day 4

Day four was filled with lots of time outside! We started the day with some outside energizing tag...

Summer Camp 2017 – Day 3

Today was our public service day! We went to the Dominican Learning Center to help cleanup and get...

Summer Camp 2017 – Day 2

We had an exciting and active second day of camp! We started off the day talking about passages in...

Summer Camp 2017 – Day 1

We had a fantastic first day of camp! We started off the day with a team building activity,...


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Duct Tape Wallet

Today we worked with duct tape! Rebeca and Regina led the class on teaching us different crafts made out of colorful duct tape.

Mariposas beauty day!

Today in Mariposas we had a visitor, Ricki. Ricki is a makeup artist. She taught us many things to keep our skin healthy and beautiful.


This past Saturday (01/09/16), we played WOOSH with the Proyecto Mariposas​. While the game may seem silly, it has a lot of meaning on when to say yes and when to say no.

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